Academia Postal 3 Vigo S.L.

Postal 3 is an entity dedicated to the training, design and development of training resources, and project consulting, whose services to public and private organizations in Spain, Europe and America have achieved remarkable success and growth over the past two decades. Postal 3 has five work or training centers in Spain, as also 15 associated centers across Spain. Postal 3 employs 48 permanent staff like technicians, managers, and support personnel in their regional offices, further trainers and teachers, until 300 workers that collaborate with them each year. This work model integrates engineers, computer scientists, designers, pedagogues, philologists, administrators, economists, and an extensive catalogue of researchers and teaching experts in the most of the areas of knowledge linked to the improvement of basic and work competences, as in disadvantaged groups support. Postal 3 form around 15.000 trainees in more than 400 courses per year, regularly carrying out multiple projects to improve the skills of young people and young workers in Spain. In this way Postal 3 has as regular clients several Ministries of the Spanish Government, and several governments of different Spanish states; in addition to numerous municipalities, sector associations, business groups, small and medium enterprises, or large companies and multinationals across Spain.