BLENDERS wants to be a sensor for relevant needs and opportunities in society and together develop new solutions or strengthen existing solutions in their impact. Our goal is to contribute to a better and more sustainable society for and by everyone: ‘Innovation by all, for all.’ We go for the power of connection and for the potential that can be found in bringing together ideas, people and organizations. Our operation is based on two axes. On the one hand, we create new solutions for societal challenges. With an open mind and an open heart, we look for deeper (system) causes and for the best solutions. We translate these into prototypes of new products or services, which we test and further refine. We call this axis ‘Impact Development’. On the other hand, we believe that not only are new solutions needed to create impact, but that existing products, services, companies and organizations can also be further strengthened in their positive social impact. To this end, we offer a growing portfolio of training courses, boot camps, guidance and events for companies, organizations, governments and individuals. We call this axis ‘Impact Acceleration’.