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Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient is the ability to recognise and adapt to cultural differences in order to work effectively in culturally diverse situations, bearing similarities to the term cultural agility. Cultural differences are not just about nationality, ethnicity or beliefs. Many of us work in multicultural and multi-
generational organisations, alongside colleagues who have cultural references, beliefs and attitudes that may differ from our own and may cause cultural clashes between departments and teams in the same organisation. The ability to quickly interpret and adapt to behaviour that differs from our own is at the heart of the concept of cultural intelligence. The aim of the CQ+ project is to address polarisation in Europe by supporting adult learners of all ages, abilities, professions and backgrounds to develop their cultural intelligence and appreciation and tolerance of diversity. In order to do so, partners from all over Europe will develop a wide range of digital resources to explore practical ways to develop and enhance cultural awareness and international partnership.

Project Results

Within the CQ+ project, the Consortium will develop a combination of innovative educational resources and an in-service training programme to address polarisation in Europe and support adult learners to develop their cultural intelligence and tolerance of diversity.

Our Partners

The CQ+ project is an EU-funded programme involving six partner organisations from Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Greece, mainly engaged in sustainable development, human rights protection, and social and pedagogical research, working together to develop innovative educational resources to help adult learners improve their cultural intelligence.


BLENDERS wants to be a sensor for relevant needs and opportunities in society and together develop new solutions or strengthen existing solutions in their impact.

Skills Elevation FHB

Skills Elevation FHB (Berlin) is an SME founded in 2016 by academics, educators, performing artists and environmentalists who have been cooperating to provide an alternative educational methodology to support..

Speha Fresia

Speha Fresia has been operating since 1983 at national level in the fields of lifelong learning, labour active policies, local sustainable development and social research..

The Square Dot Team

The Square Dot team is an organisation located in Leuven, Belgium committed to tackle societal challenges through tailor-made policy advice. We aim to develop research and provide policy advice..


The Adult Education Institution Dante has been carrying out adult education programmes in Rijeka, Croatia, for 30 years. Dante attracts numerous..


Spectrum Research Centre (SRC) is a not-for- profit research centre established to create a space where research and educational findings can be validated..


KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece, with more than 45 years of experience..

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